S.O.I Duka

S.O.I. Duka


       S.O.I. Duka born Jermarcus Hartsfield, Sr. on September 29, 1986, is also known as Duke or “Duka Young”. He is from the dirt roads and potholes of South-end Marlin, TX, a small town outside of Waco, Tx.  S.O.I Duka is the new established standard for Indie-Soul music, Urban Leadership, and the Black Male Image.

      Duka's interest in music started early in life. He started writing song lyrics at the age of Nine and progressed his writing as a teen, but like most southern households, writing hip-hop songs was not an acceptable career choice. Influences of the urban community street-life was being introduced, and Duka's parents combated this influence by guiding him to the church house where he was to solidify his foundation and ethics.

     Even through the years of participating in church activities, Duka still couldn’t escape his passion to deliver music to the ears of the world. So with limited resources and equipment, Duka began recording raps to tape and handheld recorders. Not much of an athlete throughout high school, he continued to work towards perfecting his craft as an artist.

     Then it happened, a regionally successful hit, "Product of the Hood" spread through the streets like wild fire becoming a regional classic. The single instantly gave Duka Young the momentum he was needing, but life somehow has a way of slowing down momentum, so music was put on the back burner and Duka pursued an 8-year career with the United States Armed Forces. After defending this country and fulfilling his obligation, he’s back now more mature and more versatile than ever. His style of music is very unconditional. He release every word from the soul, and thus makes individual soul music (Indie-Soul). He #SPEAKS to the community and uses his words and actions to influence, raise the consciousness of his people,  and promote a cohesive culture. 

So what is S.O.I. Duka about?  Leading the culture through music, outreach, service, and respect. DUKA opens the communication line for every soul to #SpeakOnIt. #SpeakOn your success, #SpeakOn your goals, #SpeakOn your problems, #SpeakOn your failures, #SpeakOn forgiveness, and #SpeakOn love. Everyone has a voice, use it! #SPEAK!

If you would like to be a #Speaker, click the #Speak tab, and LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!  Thanks.